This winter was bad for: skiing, snowmen, quinzees, bikes, my driveway. This winter was good for: Ice. Above: a massive icefall up a secluded coulee near the Kickapoo River. Below: Ice overhangs Weister Creek in the western section of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve So many things were unsatisfying about this winter. It never knew what […]

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No Time

When the sun sets at 4:45, you’ve got to have your shit together when it comes to getting outside on a weekday. I don’t have my shit together, and so I found myself scrambling to gather necessities for a quick ride in the woods this evening. Should I wear shorts? Yeah, it’s 50 degrees in […]

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The Eastern Giant

5 AM. Up and out of our  waterlogged camp, down one road we soon bailed on, past a moose (the first we’d seen), and finally down another long road to the cog railway base. Groups were already lining up to get on the trains, but we weren’t going that way. The five of us, including […]

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Our Corner of the World

  For the foreseeable future, we are here, in Driftless Wisconsin. If you’re not familiar, I’m not surprised. It’s a little chunk of funky backwoods appalachia in the staid Midwest, home to old timers, hippies, homesteaders, and hillbillies. It’s also home to some of the finest scenery in the region. I’ll spare you most of […]

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